Quality Induction Furnace Manufacturers

Quality Induction Furnace Manufacturers

Many industries need the services of induction furnace manufacturers in order to operate properly. For example, the steel industry utilizes steel furnaces. Mining companies use precious metal induction furnaces. Other industries, including engineering and manufacturing, also have a need for induction heating and hardening equipment.

A good induction furnace manufacturer is not just a company that makes the furnace. A good manufacturer will provide other services to assist the equipment’s purchaser into the future. A manufacturer can assist the company in selecting the appropriate equipment for its needs, as well as install it properly and competently.

Additionally, a manufacturer will provide troubleshooting and maintenance issues involving the heating, hardening, and melting processes. If there is a problem, a good manufacturer will be able to help its client in fixing the problem.

Induction furnaces are manufactured with new and improve IGBT technology. As a result, they are more versatile, durable, and come with more options than in the past. Purchasing a furnace from a reputable and knowledgeable company ensures that the vast array of options available, including those for conservation and efficiency, will be made available.

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Little to no downtime

The most important part is that induction furnaces are designed especially for easy maintenance and reduced downtime. Because these machines are better than their fuel burning counterparts, a company purchasing a piece of equipment from an induction furnace manufacturer should not expect to use the offered troubleshooting services often. In fact, the majority of maintenance costs for the furnace will be on consumables and not spare parts. Induction furnaces have longer crucible lives now, and they are also more durable in general.

Induction Furnace Benefits

Any industry can take advantage of the benefits of an induction furnace. Seeking out a reputable and competent manufacturer is key. These furnaces can be of use to metal refineries, recycling plants, the automotive, aerospace, and defense industry, silicon melting plants, and the research & development industry. Various types of equipment are available to suit the differing needs including induction pipe heating and welding equipment, induction furnaces that can melt precious metals and other metals, and induction heating and hardening equipment. Proudly serving Canada, United States, Mexico, Central and South America. Contact us for a free assessment or custom quote.