How Induction Furnaces Help Gold Mining Companies

Induction furnaces are an advanced version of the Electric furnaces. These furnaces have the ability to melt large amount metals without any trouble. This furnace save melting time compare to a traditional furnace. They also have the ability to build up heat, allowing the furnace to reach higher heat levels. This makes it perfect for the smelting of gold, and can significantly help the gold mining companies.

Clean Form of Melting


Unlike traditional furnaces, induction furnaces do not produce smoke or any harmful pollutants. Now how is that possible? Well, this method of producing heat can be described as a non-contact form of melting, which does not require combustion to generate energy. And, since there is no use of combustion, these induction furnaces do not require anything to burn for producing heat. Therefore, no smoke, dust, or harmful pollutants are produced through induction melting.

These induction furnaces use induction coils, an induction power supply, and a water-cooling system that keeps the internal components and the coils of the furnace cool. A gas furnace, on the other hand, produces heat by burning fuel, such as natural gas in a sealed or open chamber. Natural and propane gas produce air pollution.

Higher Melting Efficiency

Metal industries and gold mining companies can use these induction furnaces as they are capable of melting various types of metals. These furnaces produce what we call a medium frequency magnetic field, which is capable of stirring hot metals to ensure alloys mix completely while melting. This non-contact and clean process of melting is generally useful in a vacuum atmosphere and can be used to produce numerous alloys and specialty steels.

Maximized Productivity

Furthermore, production rates can be maximized in the gold mining companies. This is mainly because induction melting is a very quick and efficient process of producing heat. No warm up or cool down cycle required, and the start-up time is also incredibly fast, so induction furnaces can easily maximize productivity.