How to choose best Induction Furnace Manufacturers

Induction melting furnaces are electrical furnaces used for the melting of various base metals, such as copper, aluminum, iron, and steel, and precious metals, including gold, silver, rhodium, and many more. Induction furnaces offer a controllable, clean, and energy-efficient melting process. These furnaces are used by many foundries and steel plants. They also offer numerous benefits over traditional furnaces, such as cupola, arc, oil, and gas. These benefits include:

  • Fast Heating – Induction furnaces works induction principal which is a quicker process compared to electric or gas heating.
  • Quick Startup – Full power is made available to the furnace through the energy-efficient power supply and no warm-up or cooling down cycle is required. This ensures a quick startup time.
  • Natural Stirring – Induction power supply create medium frequency electric current give a strong stirring action, which gives a homogeneous mixtures of the liquid metal.
  • Reduced Refractory – Induction furnaces require less refractory materials as compared to fuel-fired units.
  • Energy Conservation – Induction furnaces are more efficient than convention furnace. These furnaces are capable of reducing the power consumption for melting metals.
  • Compact Installation – Induction furnaces are available in a wide range of sizes. The installation is rather compact as compared to other big and bulky furnaces
  • Higher Production Rates – The time of melting is shorter and this allows manufacturing companies to take advantage of higher production rates.

How to Choose the Best Induction furnace Manufacturer?

When it comes to choosing the best induction furnace manufacturer, you have to keep a few things in mind.  Here are a few tips, which you can follow to choose the best induction heater manufacturer:

 Equipment Features provided by Manufactures

Scope of supply and equipment features varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Compare equipment features offered by different manufacturing companies.

Compare Prices

Since induction heaters are expensive, it is important you go through different manufacturing companies and compare their prices. In addition, induction heaters are available in a wide variety of sizes, ranging from small furnaces to much larger furnaces that used for the smelting of precious metals and base metals.

The capacity of induction furnaces also range from small furnace to more than five tones. Therefore, the size and capacity of different furnaces may affect its price. So, it is important that you first determine the size and capacity which is suitable for you, and then compare the prices of different manufacturing companies.