Induction Furnace for Silver Melting


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Electroheat Induction
Electroheat Induction

Modern Silver Furnace Can Save Mining Companies

The precious metal industry has been hit by the downturn in the economy. Both gold and silver miners are beginning to shut down mines that are not making any revenue. Precious metal prices have been plunging. Unfortunately, the precious metals cost is not following suit.

During these troubling times, anything that can save costs is crucial. Inductions melting furnaces that melt precious metals, such as silver, copper, and gold, have become much better and more efficient with more modern technology.

A silver furnace using induction uses less power for the same production that other furnaces use. These furnaces can melt anywhere from 5 Kg to 2000 Kg. Additionally, in this furnace silver stays in the crucible. This allows for less loss of alloys and silver with higher integrity. Weight loss of silver is eliminated, and surface oxidization on the melting silver is also eliminated.

Silver furnaces have other features that deliver cost-reductions to the silver mining industry.

Induction Furnace for Silver Melting
Induction Furnace for Silver Melting

A mining company can benefit from reducing its power consumption, as this will save money that would normally be put towards energy bills. Even though the power consumption is reduced, the silver melting rates are not. Additionally, not having to replace integral furnace parts means the furnace will run longer, while continuing to produce the same high quality melted silver. Profits are maximized, and costs are minimized.

The silver mining industry is facing challenging times, especially the smaller mining companies that may struggling to maintain profitability. Modern silver and steel furnaces can help reduce some of their cost burden and allow these smaller miners to remain an integral part of the mining industry.