Induction Furnace for
Copper Melting

Induction Copper Furnaces are Ideal for the Foundry Industry

There is not one single type of copper furnace for foundries to use, just as there is not only one process that can be used to melt copper. From cathode shaft furnaces for the continuous production of copper wire to gas fired reverberated furnaces for scrap copper melting and refining, manufacturing plants have a lot of options when it comes to melting and refining copper.

That said, we’re going to make the argument today that induction furnaces are ideal for most foundries, particularly those who are looking at smaller production rates. Here are some of the reasons why:

1. Power Regimes

Induction melting furnaces tend to be more flexible when it comes to alloying. These furnaces can be easily shut off any time the plant or factory closes, and relining is fairly quick and simple. They also tend to be more economical in terms of energy consumption, and they usually have a longer refractory lifetime.  In the Induction furnace melting rate is very fast and large quantity of the metal can melt very quickly.

2. Reliability

When it comes to melting copper, a copper furnace based on induction is far more reliable than most others. Given that the parts in an induction furnace don’t need to be continually changed or replaced, manufacturers can get the most out of this type of furnace without the need for any repairs.

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Induction Furnace for Copper Melting

3. Cleanliness

It’s well known that induction furnaces emit far less pollutants than other types of furnaces. Not only does this mean that you’re protecting your employees from breathing in harmful substances, but having a clean atmosphere will also prevent any additional oxidation of the copper.

4.  Energy Efficiency

A recent study noted that today’s modern induction furnaces can achieve electrical efficiency levels of over 97% (International Journal of Engineering and Technology, 2011). That means less of a negative impact on the environment, and it means you won’t be wasting your bottom line dollars on already skyrocketing energy costs.

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