About Us

Melting Furnaces and Exceptional Service

Based in New Jersey, Electroheat Induction provides high-quality, custom induction melting furnaces, induction heating and hardening equipment, and pipe heating products. Our customers include manufacturing industries, steel companies, foundries, engineering industries, mining companies, and more.

Our knowledgeable, experienced engineers and technicians remain on the cutting edge of induction technology and industry trends. All of our equipment is designed to perform at the highest levels to improve operations and overall efficiency at your facility.

Servicing Melting Furnaces, Exceeding Your Expectations

The satisfaction of our customers is always our top priority. Before your project is finalized, our engineers and technicians will work closely with you to recommend and develop the optimal solution for your unique needs.

When you order custom induction heating equipment or melting furnaces from us, we will continue to guide your technicians through the installation process.

And we don’t stop there. You’ll receive continuous technical support and consultation services for your equipment—24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our around-the-clock support infrastructure addresses troubleshooting and maintenance issues including:

Proudly Serving:

Learn more about our induction heating products, or contact us today for your complimentary assessment. We look forward to serving your facility.