Induction Furnace
for Gold Melting

A Gold Furnace Offers Low Costs, Reliability, and A Happier Work Environment

The precious metal industry has been hit hard by the global recession, and like silver, there isn’t a lot of good news for gold mining companies. As of June 2013, the gold world market price dipped below $1200 per ounce. Gold mining industry executive officers feel low prices make it hard for the industry to remain sustainable. Prices of at least $1500 an ounce are needed to keep the industry in a “reasonable form,” according to BullionVault.

One way to improve any industry is to reduce costs. This can be done in a variety of ways such as investing in technology that is efficient, environmentally friendly, and easy to operate, and clean. A gold furnace using induction technology that has all of these qualities. Melting by Induction is also fast and consistent. This means less time is expended ensuring that things are working properly.

Some other important and useful qualities include:

Induction Furnace for Gold Melting

Because of the durability of the components in an induction furnace, less money will be put towards replacing things such as crucibles and refractories. Customized operations available, allowing for flexibility and being able to use the furnaces for various tasks.

A gold furnace using induction technology will also make the workplace a much more comfortable environment for operators. Minimal heat loss is associated with these furnaces. Not only does this mean a clean piece of machinery, as there will be no pollution, but this will also make the workspace more comfortable. Melting furnace operators will appreciate the easy to use, customizable controls and extra space.

Because gold prices have continued to fall, the gold industry players strive to do whatever they can to ensure that they can maximize profit while minimizing cost. Gold mining companies should be prepared for anything in this unpredictable economy. Investing in clean, efficient, easy to use gold and silver furnaces will bring the gold industry one step closer to ensuring it is able to survive. Contact us for service in Canada, United States, Mexico, Central and South America.