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Electroheat Induction

Induction Hardening Machines

Induction hardening machines are custom designed and built for specific metal materials and applications. Hardening is applied to many metal parts and products from the smallest parts to the largest parts, depending on their intended use. Smaller machines are designed to handle those small parts and larger machines up to a two ton or higher capacity may be needed for larger industry applications.

Features of the Latest Induction Hardening Machine

Today’s induction hardening machines feature digital controls, IGBT technology with simple operator interfaces, along with continuous monitoring and extensive reporting capabilities. Machines are easily installed and can be synchronized with many material handling systems to create a fully automated process from start to finish. Induction hardening machines have the ability to greatly increase production in both the manufacturing and engineering sectors.

Why Are Induction Hardening Machines Preferred

Induction hardening machines minimize waste, air pollutants and power consumption. Because each machine is custom built for a company’s specific products, it only needs to be as large as is required for the particular material and therefore reduces the amount of floor space required to accommodate the machine.

Advantages of using this system

In addition to these time and money saving advantages, induction hardening machines are extremely reliable, requiring far less repair and maintenance than traditional hardening machines. This makes induction hardening machines far more economical to operate than any of the traditional alternatives.

The ability to heat only the targeted areas of materials reduces any distortion of the material. It allows the original properties of the metals to be preserved. It also increases durability and tensile strength of the finished part and keeps the parameters within ideal tolerances. Other methods which have been used on these metals produce only limited results.

Induction Heating Machines
Induction hardening of the shaft

Induction hardening machines have proven that many components and parts that previously were thought impossible to harden can now be processed successfully. New applications for induction hardening are being constantly discovered and this gives new hope to the steel and metal industries which have been depressed in recent years, particularly in the US.

More and more companies are converting to induction hardening machines today. The advantages are obvious in production times, cost savings and quality of the finished product. The new technology being incorporated is forward reaching and is helping the steel industry to recuperate from many troubled years. The future of the metal industry is definitely reliant on the many advances which have been made in induction hardening machines.