How Induction Melting Furnaces helps Metal Processing Industry

The process of melting metal has changed a great deal over the years with the development of new technologies. Today’s cutting-edge foundries use induction melting furnaces. That’s because the melting process can easily be controlled with these machines. Though there are other means of melting metals, few are as clean and efficient as induction melting furnaces which utilize electricity to reach a final product.

The technology behind induction melting furnaces is truly amazing. Using electromagnets, metals can be heated, melted, and stirred. An electrical current is generated by placing the metal in a magnetic field that is changing at constant intervals. The metal and the conductor never come into contact with each other directly (thus the name “induction”), but as a result of the oscillating magnetic field, resistance builds up in the metals which causes the metals to become hot. Eventually, the metals begin to melt and the metals, which are now charged with electricity, begin to stir themselves in the cauldron as the electrical current interacts with the magnetic field. Stirring helps to mix the alloys and continue the melting process.

An induction melting furnace can melt metals such as silver and gold, aluminum, copper, zinc, brass, and silicon. Iron and steel can also be melted for industrial purposes. A variety of different industries use induction melting furnaces today to accomplish different goals. The automotive industry, for example, and many other manufacturing industries have realized the benefits of induction melting over other methods of melting metals. Indeed, the use of induction melting furnaces is common in many different industries because it offers versatile solutions for dealing with many different types of metals without taking up a lot of space.

Induction melting furnaces offer a “green” approach to melting many different types of metals. Induction furnaces are geared towards energy efficiency which significantly impacts the bottom line for industries that choose this method for melting metals. ‘Green’ industries such as those dealing with solar energy have utilized the earth-friendly induction melting process to help lessen their production footprint as well as energy costs.

When considering metal melting options, induction furnaces provide a simple approach to dealing with different types of metals which is one reason why they are so popular. An induction melting furnace doesn’t have to take up a lot of space either, which can lower the cost of doing business. And for those who are concerned about the environment as well as the cost of paying for energy, induction melting furnaces are definitely the right choice.

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