Induction Melting Furnace for Precious Metal Melting Industry

How you go about melting gold has a lot to do with the quantity of gold you will be working with. If you’ve got a couple of jewelry items and a small decoration, you’ll probably want to melt gold using some boric acid and a blow torch. But, if you’ve got larger quantities or if you’re planning to melt gold on a regular basis, you’ll want to invest in gold melting equipment that is more substantial to produce a more consistent end-product.

Everyone knows that gold is considered valuable, but it also has uses in fields like dentistry and electronics because of its resistance to corrosion and chemical reactions with other elements. Gold, like all other metals, is also able to conduct electricity which makes it valuable in a variety of industrial applications. This electrical conductivity, as it turns out, is very important for individuals who are looking for gold melting equipment that is affordable, energy-efficient, and compact. Induction furnaces make use of this property to melt gold in a simple and controlled process. As far as gold melting equipment goes, induction furnaces are the most high-tech option on the market.

Simply put your gold in the crucible and then let the electromagnet do the rest. The whole process is programmable or, if you want, you can manually adjust the settings. A magnetic field generates an electrical current in the gold to build resistance and thus, heat. It’s the resistance to electricity within the gold itself and the corresponding heat that ultimately causes the gold to melt in the crucible. Because the machine does not have to generate heat itself, but only enough of a magnetic field to create the right amount of resistance, the whole process is surprisingly energy-efficient.

Induction furnaces offer the most advanced technology in gold melting equipment. The process utilized by the furnace provides precise and uniform heating of the gold as it is melting. Induction furnaces are extremely stable and provide consistent performance time after time.

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