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Electroheat Induction

Induction Heating Equipment Manufacturer

Technology and science have brought new innovations to more traditional ways of heating that use convection or radiation rather than burning fuel to produce heat. Induction heating makes use of electrical currents to create the heat needed.

An induction furnace is the most common type of induction heating equipment. This furnace uses induction, via electrical power, to heat materials to the desired temperature. Magnetic fields are then used to stir the material. Induction furnaces can also have vacuums, which allow for specialized materials to be produced that would normally oxidize if exposed to air during the heating process.

Induction heating equipment use for welding application. Induction welding can be used to connect tubes. By using the induction heating equipment, the edges of the tubes can be heated to a temperature high enough for welding. The two heated open seamed edges will then be placed together, allowing the seam to weld.

Induction Heating Equipment

Induction heating equipment also for heat treatment application which can be used for several different things.

Heat treatment is desirable as it allows for more control in the softening, hardening, or modification process. Contact us to get a free assessment or custom quote. Offering services in Canada, United States, Mexico, Central and South America.