How Does Induction Heating Work?

How Induction Heating is used

Induction heating is used when heat needs to be selective portion of the parts. It also uses for heating whole part. It can be used for melting, welding, brazing, sealing, surface hardening, and soldering, shrink fitting and metal heat treatment process.


The Basics of How Induction Heating Works

induction heating machine
The heat that’s generated is created as a result of eddy currents, which are formed within the metal or other conductive material that’s been placed in the alternating magnetic field. Eddy currents move in a circular motion and flow against the metal’s electrical resistance. This is essentially what creates the heat.

When the metal resists the alternating magnetic field, hysteresis occurs, which also contributes to the development of heat. However, more heat is created by eddy currents than by hysteresis.

When it comes to heating, for example, a conductive copper coil is placed around the metal to be heated. The alternating electrical current runs through the copper coil, and that is what creates the magnetic field around the metal, which then creates both hysteresis and eddy currents within the metal. The result is heat.

The Benefits of Induction Heating

Induction heating is a non-contact method of heating a specific part of an object without affecting surrounding areas. It doesn’t require a flame or heating element, and no combustion gases are involved in the process either. This allows for accurate, consistent, and efficient results, making induction heating popular.

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