Benefits of an Induction Bar Heater for Forging

Induction bar heaters are popular in a variety of different industries. The aim of the induction bar heater is to heat the entire rod to a high temperature. Once the bar is heated, it can be forged into any shape.

There are many industries that prefer using the induction technology for heating bar. It is quite popular in the automobile parts manufacturing industry. The reliability and high output of this system has made it a popular choice for forging as well.

induction bar heaterHeating a bar for forging it is a difficult task. This is mainly because the bar takes a long time for it to be heated completely. Moreover, a considerable amount of energy is wasted in heating the bar. Most heating systems can not heat up the bar uniformly at once. This is where an induction bar heater provides optimum performance. It is able to heat the entire bar at once and maintains a uniform temperature throughout.

This is why industries prefer using induction bar heater. This type of heating system can heat metal components to extremely high temperatures in a short period of time. An induction  forging system can heat up to a 1000 Celsius in few seconds or minutes. This way you can heat up a bar in a matter of minutes, a task which would otherwise take longer.

One of the best aspects of an induction bar heater is the conservation of energy. Most heating equipment not only heat the bar itself, but also the surrounding environment. This results in a significant loss of valuable energy. A considerable amount of heat is transferred to the actual metal, but quite a bit is lost as well.

Induction bar heater is also preferred because of the accuracy of the heat emitted. The heat from an induction bar heater can be easily controlled. It transfers the most amount of energy to the metal, and minimizes energy wasted.

If you want to conserve maximum energy with the most efficient output, you should consider an induction bar heater.

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