Popular Induction Forging Equipment

Forging is the process of manufacturing metal parts. In order to forging metals usually require a furnace where a metal is heated at high temperatures. Conventional gas or oil fired furnaces require immense energy to get to the desired temperature. This results in an expensive forging process. A cheaper alternative is to use induction heating equipment for forging.

Below are some of the most popular induction heating equipment:

    • Billet Heating

induction heating for forging
This type of induction heating equipment is mainly used for heating metals for the purpose of forging. The cost of operating this type of machinery is minimal and it produces great results. It is one of the most reliable induction heating systems in use today. If the forging requires any specific adjustments, the billet heating system can be adjusted accordingly.

    • Bar End Heating

Bar end heating is one of the many induction heating equipment for forging. It is mostly used for forging automobile parts and manufacturing axle. The main feature of this system is the fact that it can provide dedicated heat to one particular area of the metal. It can heat specific diameter length of the metal part. This is what makes it preferred equipment.

    • Continuous Bar Heating

This type of induction heating equipment is used for the specific purpose of heating the entire metal rod. This system does not provide heat to a dedicated area. Rather, it heats up the entire metal rod. The main reason this system is used is because it provides uniform heat. Each part of the metal rod is heated and the heat is consistent throughout the rod. This is something that cannot be achieved using the traditional method of heating.

These are some of the most preferred and reliable forging systems based on the induction heating technology.

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