A Modern Induction Smelter for Smelt Ore

If you’re looking for an induction smelter for smelt ore, it’s important to find one with advances in modern technology. Induction smelter available that smelt steel, iron, aluminum, copper, zinc, and silicon, gold and silver precipitate. These state of the art modern features can take you from the dark ages of the ancient art of smelting and bring you up to new age conveniences to complete your projects in record time. This can save you both time and money.

HMI Screens

Induction Smelter
The ideal induction smelter for smelt ore equipped with a high definition LCD screen also known as the HMI screen. That’s the Human Machine Interface (HMI) allowing the operator to keep track of every function the induction smelter performs. The HMI also allows you to run reports to help monitor productivity of the furnace, including how much energy it uses from project to project. With HMI being high definition LCD, there is little to no chance of a misread of operation. The instructions, furnace levels, and indicators are clear and easy to read. The HMI also offer detailed graphics and touch sensitive screens for efficient operation.

IGBT Technology

Another modern feature of an ideal induction smelter to smelt ore is its Insulated-Gate Bipolar Transistor Technology or IGBT Technology. In fact, this high tech feature is the most advanced IGBT technology available. It can monitor and control the induction smelter’s voltage making it high efficiency, which is very important in today’s industry.

Remote Monitoring of the Induction Smelter

Ideal induction smelters are also capable of sending information to a remote location if you need to monitor information from another computer. Your data should transfer through secured communication devices while giving you fast monitoring capabilities and keeping data protected.