Why Is an Induction Billet Heater for Forging the Best Option

An induction billet heater is a great option for forging. This is because of a variety of reasons. Traditional forging equipment is slow at producing results. In addition, the quality of forging is much better when you use an induction billet heater for forging. The main reason for the billet heater being a good option is the fact that it takes up less space. Below are the reasons why an induction billet heater for forging is the best option:

Induction billet heater for forging

    • Increase Productivity

A billet heater can heat up metals in a fraction of the time compare to traditional heating system. Due to this, an induction billet heater can forge a larger number of metals in a shorter period of time. This is what gives an induction billet heater for forging the upper hand in terms of productivity and efficiency.

    • Lower Cost of Operating

Most heating systems lose a lot of heat as they transmit heat to the surroundings. Due to this, these systems have to be kept hot by using up energy. This makes such systems costly to operate. However, induction based systems do not transmit heat to the surroundings. It contains heat within part and this quality makes it cheaper to operate. This is because it does not waste heat energy.

    • Better Quality

With the induction heating system, the heat output to the metal can be controlled. The heat within the billets is uniform. This gives the metal immense strength and reliability.

    • Take up Less Floor Space

Traditional billet heaters require a large space for getting the job done. Since the equipment generates a lot of heat, it requires more space. With an induction based system this does not create a problem. The equipment can be placed closer together and valuable space can be saved.

These are some of the reasons why using an induction billet heater for forging is the best option.

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