Why an Induction Heating Machine is the Right Choice for Industry

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An induction heating machine is clean, efficient, and easier to operate than traditional heating machines. As a result, induction heating can allow a manufacturer or engineering company to reap great benefits in production.Induction heating machine for heat treatmen

Some of the benefits include:

  • Ease of Use: The machine has a built-in diagnostic tool that allows the machine’s operator to monitor everything happening during the heating process. Using a touch screen, an operator can access controls, as well as tools for monitoring, testing, and reporting. Additionally, the screen allows the operator to access the data logging facility, which can store data for up to 10 years. All of this creates an easy to use interface, reducing the time needed for training and increasing time for actual company operations.
  • Efficiency: These machines have excellent power conversion efficiency compared to other traditional machine. The faster on and off rate of an induction heating machine with IGBT technology means the machine can be operated at a lower speed frequency and remain reliable. The machines also have increased production rates, remote heat stations, and power cables that have a lower loss.
  • Versatility: The machines can be used in a wide variety of industries including manufacturing, engineeringInduction heating machine for forging application, automotive, solar, and electronics. Since customized modifications are available, the machine can also be used for heat treatment and metal processing, elevators, and train engines.

An induction heating machine also ensures higher product quality. Induction heaters, typically using a power inverter, a transformer, and a coil or inductor, do not have to have contact with the material being heated. For example, if a piece of metal is being heated to then be placed into a larger component, the metal does not have to be near the heat source. The machine uses a strong magnetic field to heat the metal. Because the component never comes into contact with the coil, there will be less distortion as well as diminished reject rates. These things are always a plus for any manufacturer or engineer. Not only will the company have a higher product quality, but it also will save money with less distorted or rejected end products.

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