Why an Induction Heating Machine is the Right Choice for Industry

industrial induction heating machine for hardening

The manufacturing industry plays a vital role in all countries, from automotive to space, and includes all in between them. Higher precision and efficiency are required for long-term success.  We use Induction heating machines in the manufacturing industry to heat metals and other conductive materials. Induction heating machines are highly efficient in their work and use electromagnetic currents for heating purposes. Let’s explore an Induction heating machine and what makes it a perfect option for the market.

What are Induction Heating Machines?

Induction heating machines are electrical devices that utilize electromagnetic current to apply heat to a body. Induction heating machines produce magnetic fields that create a strong Alternating current with high frequency. That alternating current then passes through the metal resistance and produces sufficient heat. These machines are used in the manufacturing industry for multiple applications.

Induction Hardening Machine
Induction Hardening Machine

How do Induction heating machines Work?

These industrial induction heating machines work on the principle of electromagnetic induction. Let’s recall the electromagnetic induction working. This rule says: “Current is produced because of the electromotive force by changing the magnetic field across a conductor.”

This same happens in an induction heating machine to produce current resulting in the form of heat. This technique produces current efficiently and quickly. Induction heating machines consist of a power supply, a coil, and a workpiece to apply heat. Here are the purposes of these components:

Work Supply: It generates alternating current in the result of magnetic field to heat up a body

Coil: To hold or place metal piece we use a coil. Current is present in this coil and from this coil body gets heat.

Workpiece: It’s a metal or other conducting piece.

Showing Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction diagram producing current and magnetic field
Showing Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction diagram producing current and magnetic field

What are Types of Induction heating machines?

They are categorized in two maintypes of induction heating machines:

High-Frequency induction machines:

This induction machine falls in the coreless type of induction machine and has a cylinder with a round coil. After connecting with the supply it produces current to apply heat on metal. Their applications lie in small-scale heating in the heating industry. Their frequency level lies between 100kHz to 400kHz for the best heating efficiency.

Low-Frequency induction machines:

These induction machines are used in heavy-duty industrial applications. Their applications lie in hardening, annealing, and large-scale Induction heating for forging. The frequency range for these induction machines lies between 50Hz to 1kHz to produce heat for extended periods of time.

Portable Induction Heating Machines:   

These machines are used to apply on-site heating such as welding. These machines are easy to transport and lightweight which makes them a better selection in the heating industry. Each type of induction machine offers unique advantages and applications in induction heating systems. One needs to look after the needs for heating in the manufacturing industry to select an appropriate type for heating.
Induction Heating Equipment
Induction Heating Equipment

What an Induction Heating consists of?

Let’s study induction heating briefly. It includes a power supply, a coil, and a main circuit of RLC. Resistors, inductors ad capacitors are constructed in parallel form. We are using these energy storage devices (Inductors and capacitors), to apply a good amount of heat after applying current. That energy is sufficient to heart our workpiece. You can see in the below block diagram:
Showing block diagram for induction heating and its parts
Showing block diagram for induction heating and its parts

Benefits of an Induction Heating Machines:

Here are several unique benefits of using an induction heating machine. Let’s get into them:

Efficient and Quick Heating:

Because of electromagnetic induction, these machines produce quick heating and save time eventually. They rise to the desired level of temperature and increase the productivity of induction heating equipment.

Consisting Heating:

Industrial induction heating machines provide a uniform hearing to the workpiece. Uniform and consistent heating make sure that precise heating is applied on the workpiece. Overheating or underheating risk can be eliminated by using these induction machines to prevent defective products.

Less Material Waste:

Heat is applied to the desired area which makes less waste of material. In addition to waste material, it reduces the risk of wrapping or cracking the final product. Overall, the induction heating machine offers less waste in the final product.

Less Energy Consumption:

In induction heating system, induction heating machines consume less energy as compared to gas or other electric ovens. Finally, there will be less cost and the induction heating machines will be environment friendly. All the above-mentioned reasons make induction heating machines a perfect choice to use in the manufacturing industry.
Induction Hardening For Railway Components

What are Induction Heating Machines Applications?

Here is the list of industrial applications of induction heating machines:

Heat Treating:

These machines are used for heat treating heat at a specific temperature and cooling them to enhance their mechanical strength and stability such as annealing and hardening. These machines provide fast and precise heating which makes them best to use them.


We utilize induction heating in forging to make them easier to shape in different ones. It gives greater control over the heating process and applies a precise amount of heating making a suitable final product.

Brazing and Soldering:

Induction heating machines use to join two metal pieces by adding a filler in it. This is what is done in brazing and soldering. So, induction heating machines have an efficient capacity to make joints.


Induction heating machines are also used in the welding process. Induction heating machines provide durable welds as a result.

These all are the applications of an industrial induction heating machine in the manufacturing industry.

Final Words:

Induction heating is useful for heating purposes in different industries. Overall, induction heating machines are the best choice for professionals to go for fast and energy consumption heating equipment. Their application in temperature control makes them useful in daily work. These machines are becoming an excellent choice in the industry due to their efficiency and precision.

It ensures a high-quality final product according to your desire. By using these induction machines, industries can save useful time and resources. These machines provide superb solutions for forging, joining two metals, temperate controlling, melting, and much more.

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