Why An Induction Copper Furnace Is An Optimal Choice

Those in the business of melting copper are spoiled for choice when it comes to furnaces and melting mechanisms. For the past several decades, however, a copper furnace that uses induction heating has been the top choice for most manufacturers who work in the copper industry for many reasons.

Before The Induction Copper Furnace

Prior to the introduction of copper furnaces in the 20th century, those who worked in the copper melting industry used fuel-based furnaces. Not only was this a costly process, but the furnaces also emitted large volumes of pollutants into the air which had a negative impact on both the environment and anyone working anywhere near the furnaces. There were also an increased number of injuries on the job as other types of furnaces forced employees to work in close proximity to scorching cables and red-hot elements.

How Copper Induction Furnaces Changed The Industry

The widespread introduction of induction furnaces in several industries completely revolutionized the melting of copper. Not only have induction furnaces continually proven to increase production speed and performance, but these furnaces bring a host of other benefits to the table, such as:

  • Reduced chance of oxidization
  • Increased melt rates
  • Decreased electrical losses and far greater energy efficiency
  • The ability to melt copper of any shape or size
  • Consistent, uniform heating

All in all, having a copper induction furnace will not only help streamline operations, but it will also allow businesses struggling in industries with shoestring profit margins to improve their bottom line.

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