How to Melt Gold

Gold is one of the precious metals the world cannot get enough of. However, while excavating gold is not as complex as it was before, melting gold is one of the biggest parts of the mining cycle. In addition to liquefying the gold, melting facilities need to maintain the metal’s purity while storing away any impurities that could be of value.

Below is the procedure for melting gold:

Melting Gold for Non-Commercial Use
gold melting furnacesIf you need to melt gold for non-commercial purposes, you may not have the highly specialized equipment required to do this. For smaller quantities of gold, there are easier ways to consider.

Considering that gold melts at 2000°F, a container or a crucible will be required. The container has to be able to withstand the heat. Once placed in a crucible, the gold has to be relocated to a fireproof area. An acetylene torch can be used along with boric acid power for better results and a higher gold yield. In addition, the torch has to be pointed at the gold continuously until it melts.

The molten gold will then need to be poured using tongs in mold. Once the gold begins to cool down, professionals will handle it accordingly. Working with professionals is highly advised to make sure that the task at hand is carried out effectively and without any wastage whatsoever.

Melting Gold for Industrial Use
The method of melting gold for industrial purposes is completely different and is quite complex. The use of an induction melting furnace is necessary in this case. The gold becomes electrically charged and the resistance generated within the metal begins to heat. The stronger the electromagnet becomes, the hotter the gold will get. The melting will begin within its perimeters without any hassles whatsoever.

In comparison with the previous procedure, this process is hassle free and requires no physical exertion as compared to traditional methods. In addition, it is quite safe as well as cost-effective and energy efficient.

The best gold melting furnaces use IGBT based induction power supply, feature electrical parameter monitoring, enable easier daily heat and shift production reporting, and come with a control panel that automates the whole process. As a result, they deliver your precious metal quicker than most while guaranteeing high quality that will increase more profits, a stronger brand, and more success to any mining company or industry that requires gold for its production.