How to Calculate Electricity Cost for Melting Metal in Induction Melting Furnace

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Power Consumption for the Electroheat Furnace for Cast Iron Melting Requires 550-575 kWh/ton

steel furnaces

  • SG Iron melting required 550-600 kWh/ton
  • MS/SS melting required 600-650 kWh/ton
  • Light scrap of Aluminum melting required 600-625 kWh/ton
  • Solid scrap of Aluminum melting required 500-575 kWh/ton require
  • Steel melting 625 kWh/ton require

Above Power consumption is also depends on the furnace efficiency.

Electricity cost can be calculated from below method using above mentioned power consumption.
If you are melting 50 tons/month light scrap of Aluminum than monthly electricity cost can be determine using below method.                                                                                                                   Induction melting furnace

As mentioned above standard power consumption for light scrap of Aluminum melting requires 600 to 625 kWh/ ton (consider 612.5 kWh average). That means one ton of light aluminum scrap require 600 to 625 kWh.

In order to calculate the electricity costs we need to determine require kWh to melt 50 tons of aluminum.

Require kWh = power consumption x no. of tons in one month
Require kWh = 612.5 kWh/ ton x 50 ton
Require kWh = 30,625 kWh require to melting 50 of the aluminum scrap.
Let assume Utility company charge $ 0.108 per kWh for electricity (electricity cost will be different for your case)
Monthly Electricity cost = 30,625 kWh x $ 0.108 / kWh
Monthly Electricity cost = $ 3307.5
Therefore monthly electricity bill will be $ 3307.5 if you melt 50 ton in one month.

Download induction melting furnace schematic and civil layouts.

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  • Bahman Hossein Zadeh

    March 31, 2023 - 10:39 am

    Hello good time . How much electricity is needed to melt 3 tons of stainless steel daily from iron ore and waste that we prepare for 24-hour slab molding. Please help and guide. Both for induction furnace and electric arc furnace. I will be grateful if you provide me with comprehensive information about the production. Thank you

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