Melting Aluminum Using Coreless Induction Furnace

An induction melting furnace for aluminum is designed specifically for the purpose of melting lower density metal, employing exactly the right temperatures and evenly distributing the heat. This is vital in melting such metals as aluminum if you want to preserve the expected lifetime of aluminum and its quality. The ideal melting furnace for aluminum will offer precise temperature controls in order to achieve this goal.Induction melting furnace

The induction furnace first appeared in Italy in 1877, and it was first employed for melting by the British in 1927. When WWII occurred, and aluminum casting became increasingly important, the induction furnace finally came to prominence. The induction melting furnace for aluminum is now used world-wide in the processing of aluminum products.

The induction melting furnace uses alternating current to melt aluminum. The pure aluminum, being heavy, will sink and any impurities will rise, allowing them to take out from top using tilting mechanism, and leaving you with pure aluminum. Water cooling systems keep the coils cool. This type of modern process allows for much more precise temperature control and faster melting of aluminum. The water circulating also helps to prevent overheating of the metals.

Induction melting furnaces for aluminum offer a 60 to 75% rate of efficiency, reduction of losses due to oxidation, low emissioAluminum Melting Furnacens, and they permit a much greater degree of purity and uniformity in the end product. The main advantage of using an induction melting furnace for preparation is that the heat source does not come into direct contact with the aluminum. This process also allows for mixing when aluminum alloys are to be produced, because the electrical field which passes through the molten aluminum continually actually stirs the metal as it is melted.

It is easy to see why the induction melting furnace for aluminum is the best option for recycling aluminum to extract the pure aluminum element or creating cast aluminum alloys. While they are performing these both processes, the induction melting furnace is using far less energy than other traditional types of furnaces. Aluminum melting furnaces can be custom built to the exact capacity which is needed for any specific industry. There are also many additional extra options which may be chosen for inclusion with the furnace to make operation easier and more user-friendly for furnace operators.

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