Benefits of Steel Companies Using Induction Furnaces

Steel Companies Using Induction Furnaces: Making the Most of the Best Technology Available

Induction furnaces are efficient and easy to operate, making them a popular choice among steel companies that want to cut costs and increase production, but not all induction furnaces are created equal.

Induction melting furnace for steel

Efficiency of IGBT Systems

Induction furnaces using IGBT technology are highly desirable in the steel industry because they operate much more efficiently than analog alternatives. They also give the user a completely digital system that he can use to control every aspect of the furnace.

Even the most intense foundries can benefit greatly from the introduction of induction furnaces using this technology, especially because these units will operate using less energy.

Being Able to Monitor the Furnace Closely

The advanced induction furnace comes with a diagnostic and monitoring tool that’s built in and ready to use to keep steel plants running as efficiently as possible. The latest IGBT technology and HMI touch screens let you log operating data every day, as well as control every electrical parameter used. This innovative system allows for the analyzing and testing of performance in order to make sure furnaces aren’t only functioning at their best but also operating safely.

Choosing the right induction furnace is one of the most important steps any steel plant will take because the technology they choose to invest in will have a direct effect upon how efficient they are, how good they are at what they do, and how much money they’ll end up spending on maintaining the equipment. Opting for an induction furnace that uses the latest and most advanced IGBT technology that consumes less energy and provides the user with myriad options for customizing the workflow and monitoring it is definitely one way to stay on the cutting edge of this dynamic industry.

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