The Benefits of Using Induction Melters

Nowadays, the traditional melting furnaces are being replaced by induction melters. The traditional furnaces were getting the job done, but they were not energy-efficient. They require immense energy to heat up to high temperatures. Moreover, it was a trouble keeping it constant at a specific temperature. However, the worst issue is the risk of fires and work injuries. This is not the case with an induction melters.

Induction melter

This system is safe and gets the job done in less time. Let’s look at some of the benefits of using an induction melter:

    • Quick Melting

The induction-based melters melt the metal quickly. This is because they require less time to heat up to high temperatures. Moreover, managing the heat output from this source is also easy. You can set the induction melter to a specific temperature and it will manage itself. The heat will be precise.

    • Energy-Efficient

Since the induction melting device heats up faster, it is more energy-efficient. Traditional heating equipment takes a long time to heat up and then requires a lot of energy maintain that temperature. In fact, induction based systems use a PLC controller (PLC – Programmable logical Control) that turns the system on and off as required. This keeps the temperature of the system constant.

    • No Safety Risks

The risk of work-related injuries and fires are significantly reduced when using this type of a system. Since there is no actual fire to heat up the material, there is no risk to the workers. The risk of hot metal is reduced if proper safety precautions are exercised.

    • No Purification Needed

An induction melter does not require an external fire to heat the metal. This is why after melting the metal, it does not require purification. Traditional melters use external fire to melt the metal. This adds many impurities to the metal itself.

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