Induction Heat Treating Equipment for Manufacturing Metal Parts

Induction heating has greatly enhanced productivity and efficiency in the metal manufacturing industry. Not having to rely on traditional furnaces but electric current permits greater precision and also a safer environment. Induction heat treating equipment is more than just one particular device used to process metal. As matter fact, there are number of different types of equipment to suit the needs of a given assignment.

Induction heat treating equipment

The Specifications of Such Equipment

Induction heat treating equipment used for metal manufacturing process. Induction heating equipment also used for forging metal which allow for better shaping of engineering parts such as automobile axle and shaft. There are a number of equipment models on the market. The decision on which to choose is determined by two primary criteria: power rating and frequency of the power supply. Power is based on the highest temperature required for the processing based on the weight of the material is going to be heat. Frequency is considered according to what will be the operating frequency of the induction field.

The intensity of the induction heating will be handled by a control electronics, which also monitors and protects the system from adverse operating situations.

Recognizable Benefits of This Equipment

There is more than just shaping advantages that can be obtained from induction heating. The induction heat treating equipment allows the strength and durability of various parts to be increased. It all permits a manufacturer to produce parts that can stand the test of time and use.

The higher-quality is something that attracts customers and prospective clients. In a very competitive market the heat treating technology will add value-plus to the products that are being offered. It makes sense from a competitive standpoint to allow for increased advantage by making use of this technology to enhance the metal parts being produced.

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