Operating Principles Underlying Induction Heat Treating

Metals have some amazing physical properties that can be exploited by using technologies to make the manufacturing process easier. Everyone knows that metals conduct heat and electricity. This property of conductivity has made it possible for developers to create new technologies that have made the heating and manipulation of metals much easier and more controlled. Through induction heat treating metals can now be normalizing or hardened or tempered using an electromagnetic field in a confined space to achieve predictable rinduction heat treatmentesults.

The principles behind induction heat treating are relatively straightforward. A magnetic field is generated by an electromagnet which creates an oscillating electromagnetic field around the metal. Metals become electrically charged when exposed to the electromagnetic field and electricity is then conducted through the metal work piece in response to the charged field. But metals put up some resistance to the flow of electricity and this resistance is an important element in the proper functioning of an induction heater. Resistance of electrical flow causes heat to build up inside the metals themselves. The more resistance there is within the metal itself, the more heat that’s generated. Through the controlled use of electromagnetic fields, the softening, hardening, and stress relieving process can be managed.

Rather than using heat that’s generated in a conventional way to apply to the metal, induction heat treating makes use of heat that builds up within the metal itself. Because the heat comes from within the metal, the whole process takes up very little space and creates minimal change in the ambient temperature of the area surrounding the induction heater. Induction heating is economical and energy-efficient. It is the most sophisticated method used in this modern age to heat a large variety of different metals. Customized induction heat treating solutions are available to create the products that are necessary in the industries that require specialized metal parts with certain characteristics.

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