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Electromagnetic induction heaters are a popular choice for various applications involving different kinds of metals. Though it is entirely possible to use heat to melt metals, induction heaters are often a better choice. Electromagnetic induction uses a magnetic field and an electrical circuit effects metals to heat, which ultimately utilizes less energy than simply applying heat. The technology behind induction heat allows the heat treatment to take place within a confined and manageable space. Heating metal is a much more controlled process today because of the development of induction heaters that have simplified the process and made it much more predictable.

The heating temperature for many metals is over 500 degrees Fahrenheit and some metals need more than 1200 degrees Fahrenheit to become soft. A normal fire isn’t hot enough to heat most metals and generating enough heat for the purposes of softening, hardening, welding, or any heat treatment process. But using induction, heat can be generated from within the metals. The electricity generated in the metals by the induction heater is subject to resistance which creates heat within the metals. Because induction heating allows users to generate heat within a confined space, the area required to perform these operations are significantly diminished. Further, because a specific metal will respond predictably to the magnetic field and electrical impulses generated by the induction heater, it’s easy to control the entire process involved in heating the metals for whatever purpose from beginning to end.

Induction Heaters

Being able to predict the final result of heating metal is an important bonus associated with induction heaters. Energy efficiency has also become a big selling point for these machines which offer more environmentally friendly results than conventional heat treatment process today. By saving space and energy, induction heaters have made heating metals more economical. If you’re ready to experience the efficient and economical results that are possible with induction heat,

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