How do Induction Coils Work

Working and Uses of an Induction Heating Coil

Induction heating coils for long bar heating applicationInduction heating is a quick and effective way of heating objects to extremely high temperatures. Without an induction heating coil the same object will require a long time to heat up. Moreover, it will consume extensive amounts of energy in the process.

Induction heating uses electrical energy to produce the maximum amount of heat energy. This is quite essential for various industries. It can heat up almost any type of material to extremely high temperatures in a short period of time.

Let’s look at how an induction heating coil works:
The essential component of an induction heating system is the coil. The next most important thing is an electrical source. A high frequency or medium frequency electricity source is required to bring the coil into action. The high frequency current passes through the coil. When the current passes through the coil it creates magnetic flux. These magnetic fluxes heat the parts. The main advantage of an induction heating system is the speed. In Induction heating parts get heat very quickly.

In addition, the heat generated by this system is not haphazard. The heat is created within the coil itself. This makes it extremely easy to direct the heat to even the smallest areas. The induction heating coil system is used in many applications. Any types of metals can be heat up by Induction heating.

Many industries use this method to heat certain metals. This is because this system heats metals without coming into contact with them. This keeps the metal being heated in its purest form. Induction heating is an effective way of heating various materials without contaminating them.

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