Benefits of Using Induction Forging Systems

Forging is the process by which metal is formed and shaped by using pressure that would ordinarily come from an impact hammer. Everything is made simpler through hot forging because that permits molding to occur with considerably less pressure. The technology has developed over the years and induction forging takes the hot process one step further. Induction will use electric current and instead of heat coming from outside, electricity will generate the heat from within the part. Recent advances in the use of solid-state technology have made induction forging increasingly more attractive due to its noticeable cost efficiencies and safety features.

    • Cost Effective Forging

Induction forging system
There are some benefits for industry when an induction forging system is used. It is a low-cost heating technique which provides heat in less time than ordinary furnace heating. That time savings allows for higher volumes of forging to be processed and increases productivity as a consequence. As a source of energy electricity is a cheaper than what is used in conventional heating techniques,and keeps the cost of forging well within set budgets.

    • Safety is Enhanced

The traditional hot furnace molding carries with it an element of danger. This is because labor is brought into a close proximity with the heated area, and the chances for injury are quite high. What makes induction forging even more attractive is it is a non-contact method of heating. Workers are not as exposed to danger and there is much greater control over the heated area itself.

    • Other Induction Forging System Benefits

Precision is an important part of any metal work and Induction forging is capable for even heating control for any forging work to be done. Electric current allows charging of exact areas that need to be heat. An induction forging system will also integrate easily into the production cells.

The cost savings of both time and money combined with greater heat control and safety make an induction forging system the logical choice for industry. Traditional furnace heating generates cost that hurts profit and makes a company less competitive in a very demanding global economy. The ability to perform high quality work more efficiently is the key to staying ahead of the rest in the market place.

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