Induction Heating Systems for Metal Industries

Induction Heating Systems for Metal Industries

Induction heating system
Heat treatment industries and manufacturers all over the world are rapidly changing over to induction heating systems. Whether in the business of manufacturing engineering parts or metal process industry there is no safer and more efficient way to process, manufacture or heat treatment than induction heating systems.

Traditional heating methods are far more imprecise and much more dangerous to the health of workers and the environment. High temperatures projected into the workplace and the volumes of pollutants released into the air result in high numbers of injuries and even fatalities in the workplace.

Induction heating systems are now used many metal parts manufacturing industry particularly in production of products which must hold to exact tolerances including aerospace, defense, automotive, research & development, laboratories, electronics and mining sectors.
Induction heating allows precise control of temperatures without having the heating coils directly contact the metal to be processed. They are energy efficieInduction hardening systemnt and allow for far more production than any other heating system for metals. Heat derived from electric coils is instantaneous.

Induction heating systems are custom built to the specifications required by a particular manufacturing process, including size and capacity. Material handling systems can easily be incorporate with power supply unit.

With IGBT technology, operation is simple and easy. Touch screens in color with digital displays and simple controls make the tasks of the operator a straightforward and simple process. Much less training is required to achieve operator proficiency.

In induction heating systems fewer operators are required, far less on the job injuries occur, energy costs are less, repairs and replacements are not needed as often, more usable product is manufactured with less waste and production is increased.