Where is Copper Mined in Mexico?

Copper is one of the essential materials for many of today’s industries. This is why Mexico, which is the richest country when it comes to this metal, is sought after. If your business relies on copper and you would like to get your hands on some of the best samples of this material, here is a quick look at the top regions where it is mined.

copper minesDuring the 19th and 20th century, the need for copper grew exponentially. This is credited to the process of electrification. This led to a massive boom and hence started various mining operations in the vicinity and its neighbor Arizona as well.

The region is home to various copper mines that have been operational for a very long time. The copper mine located in Cananea is considered the oldest copper mine in North America and the third largest copper producer in the world.

The output and copper extracted from this region is considered top notch quality, which is why the demand for this metal in the area is growing on a daily basis.

The primary industry in the region involves mining all kinds of minerals and precious metals. Apart from copper, it excels in producing lead and zinc as well. The area is also renowned for having one of the oldest copper smelting facilities, which is located in Mesoamerica.

Baja California Sur
Copper was first discovered here in 1868 by Jose Rosas as he was mining in the area. The area houses one of the oldest open pit copper mines. The underground workings are quite remarkable as well. However, it is worth noting that the region is not rich as the one mentioned above. Still, it still plays an important role in producing precious metals.

Now that investments are flying in towards Mexico, a recent survey has concluded to discover vast amounts of copper. Hence various facilities are being set up at these locales to start production using the latest equipment and machinery. This will not only benefit the economy, but will provide much needed jobs for the locals in the region.

There are more mines across the world that are considered major producers of copper, but do not come close to the value of reserves present in the mines mentioned above. So if you need copper, you now know where to get it in abundance and with the best quality.

However, remember that knowing where to melt your extracted copper is as important as finding out the source. This is because industries which depend on this metal need it in its purest form in order to carry out their processes. For this purpose, you need only the best you can find.