Precious Metals and Mining

Types of Precious Metals and its Mining

There are many types of precious metals. Almost all of these metals have various uses. The most common precious metals are gold, silver and platinum. Most mining techniques are extremely old. The means to attain them have changed, but the techniques remain the same. They are common in industrial use and for use in jewelry and ornaments. Some metals are even considered to be viable investment options. Below are main types of precious metals and how they are commonly used:

Gold is one of the most precious metals. The most common use of gold is for making jewelry and ornaments. Gold is also used to honor special people. For instance, it is molded into a medal and awarded to the best players or people with exceptional achievements. Gold is also used in many electronics to enhance their circuitry. The precious metals and mining is a billion dollar industry.

Silver is another precious metal which is used for various purposes. Silver is used to make jewelry. However, many times the jewelry is coated with other metals such as gold. However, the most common use of silver is cutlery. Silver is also used in electronics parts. Silver has less resistance so it used as contacts in electronic circuits. It enables a smooth flow of electricity.

Platinum is another one of the most popular precious metals and mining it is quite tricky. The mining process of platinum is what makes it so valuable. It is used for making ornaments and jewelry as it is valuable and tough. Platinum is harder than gold and silver. It is also used in glass to reinforce it. Moreover, it is also used in manufacturing LCDs.

These precious metals are valuable because of their appearance. Their traits are what make them precious.

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