Improving Precious Metal Recovery in Mexican Mines

For centuries, Mexico has been credited for being one of the largest producers of precious metals. It is also one of the oldest, with mines dating all the way to 500 years ago. The Spaniards have been recognized for the discovery of precious metals in Mexico’s landscape. Today, various studies are being carried out to improve mining extraction activities.

However, before venturing further, you need to understand the process of metal extraction. The procedure is divided into four steps:

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  1. Locating Metal Deposits
  2. Setting Up a Mining Facility
  3. Mining and Extraction
  4. Purification of Precious Metals

The Types of Mining in Mexico
To boost the efficiency of the metal mining industry, companies need to focus on two primary types of mining practices.

  • Open Pit Mining – Since the ores are close to the surface, this process is harmful in nature. The extraction activities tend to disturb the natural habitat and vegetation in the area drastically.
  • Underground Mining – The process involves digging deeper caves that are structurally sound to recover mines from deep within the earth. This allows for a much greater output than usual and is the most popular way of mining in Mexico.

There are other processes and methods that involve the usage of high powered machines to emit water and chemicals to loosen the earth. This makes it easier for metals to be extracted as they reveal themselves once the earth has made way.

The Effects of Mining in Mexico
It goes without saying that mining has always been a disastrous activity by nature. Its impact on the environment is not only negative, but unrecoverable at times. This is especially true in the case of effects like water pollution, soil erosion, soil contamination and even sinkholes.

However, there are steps being taken to make mining operations environmentally friendly. The effort to bring about “green” mining involves the usage of newer and high tech equipment that is cost effective and makes little to no waste during the ordeal.

Benefits to Consider
The initiative to introduce greener mining operations has brought about a massive change as shown by statistics. The ideas and technologies incorporated have made use of heat and natural gases as a power source. Furthermore, it has reduced the need for freshwater by 90%. Based on these steps, you can also limit and minimize CO2 and other chemical emissions into the atmosphere.

These ideas can easily be incorporated and integrated to bring about a positive change in the precious metal mining industry in Mexico.