Canadian Gold Mining Companies Best Practices

Canada has been a safe haven for various types of industries. Considering its geographical location, it does have a lot to offer, especially when it comes to its mining industry. One of the mined assets the country is rich in is gold.

Gold was first discovered in 1823 in the east townships of Quebec. The beginnings of the 1900s were kind to the Canadian nation. Various establishments were set up by then to harvest and extract this precious metal. Since then, the precious metal has been used to meet demand and expenditures. In fact, during World War II, it played a vital role in paying wartime expenditures.

gold mining areaFrom that time till this date, things have changed in the gold mining industry. As Canada is primarily focused on making the best use of its available resources, the country has embraced a number of best practices to ensure that its mining process is according to international standards and the mining life cycle.

However, Canadian mining companies’ efforts can easily go to waste without the right smelting practices afterwards. Here are some things you should be concerned about.

Precise Equipment Selection and Installation
The equipment should be exactly what you require for such a delicate task. Failing to ensure this will not only decrease your chances of obtaining high quality gold, but will affect your production exponentially.

Energy Efficiency and Conservation of Power
Despite your efforts to be energy efficient throughout the drilling process, you need to ensure the same while separating pure gold from other things that mix with it. The melting process will demand a large amount of energy and you will have to burn a lot of fossil fuels. In this case, you need to ensure that the facility and machinery used are energy efficient. Induction melting furnace is more efficient than conventional furnace for smelting furnace.

Check and Balance
There is a demand for digitized machinery, especially to keep track of the production cycle. Having a proper check and balance throughout the mining and then later the smelting phase is not limited to the equipment and the gold being churned out. It also keeps track of employees using various tracking features that will ensure that the mining corporation will not suffer from any liabilities whatsoever.